Labour Law

The spectrum of our activities in labour law ranges from the initiation of an employment relationship to its termination.

We review and draft employment contracts of all kinds for our clients. We also advise and represent clients in legal conflict situations during the employment relationship (e.g. warnings, instructions, transfer, vacation) and upon termination of the employment relationship whether by notice or after expiry of an employment contract on the basis of an agreed time limit.

An important part of our activities is also the advice and representation of our clients in the event of reorganisation or restructuring of companies, in particular in the event of transformations, business changes or the transfer of businesses or parts of businesses in the context of a transfer of businesses. If the works council has to be involved, a reconciliation of interests and a social plan has to be negotiated and worked out, we can also take part in negotiations on request.

Finally, we advise and support medium-sized companies in all questions of collective labour law, in particular in the area of collective bargaining law, co-determination under the co-determination laws and co-determination under the Works Constitution Act. One focus here is representation in disputes between employers and works councils in so-called decision proceedings before the labour courts, but also participation in proceedings before conciliation bodies in disputes concerning the content of a works agreement.

Due to the international orientation of the law firm, an "add-on" to our advice are labour law issues with a specific international reference, in particular french labour law. In this case we work closely together with colleagues from a specialised law firm in Paris. This is often the case for so-called foreign assignments.

We represent our clients nationwide before all labour courts / regional labour courts as well as before the Federal Labour Court.